Game Features

  • JUMP

    To a safe spot


    To escape obstacles


    To go through guards


    For an epic journey

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Product Description


In Epic Hop, make your way through 42 levels spanning 3 time eras: Jurassic, Ice Age, and Ancient Rome (With more eras coming soon!). Hop your way down randomly generated hills, avoid obstacles, hazards, and enemies!

You will have to rely on your wits, but also high tech gadgets that let you pull off awesome abilities, such as a ring of explosions, slowing down time, a force field, and digging underground! At the end of every era comes is an epic fight where you have to defeat a boss that has followed you into the time vortex!

This is just the first part of Varian’s epic journey! The game is planned to have a long period of support with content updates and patches to fix any bugs that people may find!

– Easy to learn controls!
– 42 levels spanning 3 time periods!
– 4 awesome items to utilize!
– Sneak past Roman Guards in stealth stages!
– Unlock perks to gain permanent upgrades to Varian!
– Never the same level twice! Levels are always randomly generated!
– Epic boss battles inside the time vortex!
– Endless mode with 4 difficulties, complete with online leaderboards!

– Lots more eras
– Competitive multiplayer
– Custom outfits
– Achievements
– Custom level settings



1 review for EPIC HOP

  1. 3 out of 5


    a mix of le parkour game with a board game, pretty rad!

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