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It was about the time that Nemexia would get a package of new updates and game changes to enhance its gameplay and to attend its userbase so in June we should be looking at the biggest package of updates on the history of the game.  Most of the changes come from the community feedback to maintain the balance of the game, regain users that have left and to retain new players.

  • CHAT SYSTEM –  To improve ingame communication in different layers (Universal, World, Alliance, Whisper)
  • BATTLE SYSTEM – watch how your battle has developed on a movie clip that shows exactly how it turned down to be
  • NMX ACADEMY – Learn how to play the game with our great Community Leaders that are waiting for you to teach game fundamentals
  • GAME CHANGES – Increase the auction Population, Decrease chance of destroying  a planet, Better botcheck control, etc.
  • COOL EVENTS – Battle Report Contest, Tournaments, Treasure Events, and many other;

Changes will be uploaded during the months of August and September 2017.