NEMEXIA Companion App

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2Axion released a beta version of the Nemexia Companion App in August 2018.

The companion app will allow the players to:
– See Incoming Attacks
– Build and Upgrade Buildings
– Upgrade Sciences
– Build Fleets & Defenses
– Upgrade Ships
– Do Space Trips for Safety


Buildings Screen allows the players to upgrade their Metal#1, Mineral #1, and Gas#1 buildings to level 10 in order to have more resources and unlock other buildings. It is advisable to players to keep an eye on the energy levels (first screen flash sign) in order to upgrade their Infrared and Uranium based plants accordingly. Players can also upgrade their population building in order to increase their ships population. They can also upgrade their storage facilities in order to save more resources.

Players can upgrade their research sciences in order to unlock faster acquisition of resources, improve ship armaments and defenses. Ships can be built as needed.  Turrets are the cornerstone of defense. Players can build them accordingly.  The current mission allowed is Space Trip only.  When a player is attacked, his planet will turn Red but will only show if the app is being played.

We would like to wish good luck to all the Space Commanders in their Space Quest.